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    Most Frequently Asked Questions

How do I place my order?
This is a very simple site designed by none other than yours truly.  Thus, I have kept ordering and payment methods as simple as possible.  So far, this system has worked to the satisfaction of my customers and myself.   If you want to purchase an item, then email me informing me of the item number(s), your location,  and the method of payment you will be using. I will then respond, giving you a product total including shipping. You will then let me know what payment method you will be using.  Pretty simple.

How do I pay for my purchase?
You may pay through Paypal if you want to pay using a credit card, debit card, or electronic check for purchases over $20.  You may also mail me a check or money order.  Once payment is received, your purchase will then be shipped.  For those paying by check, please allow for seven (7) business days following receipt for check to clear.  If you are purchasing an item by check or money order,  I will allow for seven (7) working days for payment to be received. For Paypal and Billpoint purchases, I will allow for five (5) business days for payment to be received.  If you know that payment is not going to be received by me in that time frame, notify me ASAP and let me know how much additional time is needed.  Otherwise, the item will be marked available and your payment forfeited.  And not only that, but I will no longer be your friend.

Are vintage items nonreturnable?
I feel I give a pretty accurrate description of my merchandise.  What you read and see is what you get. That's why I emphasize and re-emphasize that you need to be sure of your purchase(s) as refunds are a real hassle.  However, if for some reason, you absolutely cannot live with your purchase, notify me withing 24 hours after receipt of merchandise and a refund will be granted as long as it is in the same condition it was in when it left me. Be sure to check out our return policy for more details.

How do you determine the condition of an item?
By the amount of wear and tear an item shows.  My scale is as follows:
MINT:No flaws; perfect condition; may be unused, or slightly used with no visible signs of use. Often deadstock.
NEAR MINT:Almost mint, but slightly used.
EXCELLENT:Very minor wear. No breakage or cracks.
VERY GOOD:Wear is detectable, but does not take away from the overall integrity of the item. May have several minor flaws.
GOOD:Significant wear and tear; flaws are detectable.
FAIR:Major flaws can be found throughout the piece.

Why don't you sell vintage shoes?
Because I do not wear vintage shoes.  Not knocking those of you who do but I just don't and I am not going to sell you anything I would not buy....feel me? If anything changes, I will let you know. UPDATE: I found the coolest source for vintage shoes and just had to broaden my horizons......and wardrobe. Most of these shoes have never been used! Vintage Shoes will be added soon.

Why do you give actual measurements instead of sizes?
I have found that vintage clothes typically run smaller as many were made before there was any type of size regulation.  In addition, due to the growth of our society, manufacturer's have made sizes larger today.  What was a size 6 in the 20's might be a size 10 now.

Why do you put items on hold?
Items are placed on hold once someone has informed me of intent to purchase.

What if someone else has placed an item I want on hold?
If an item you desire is on hold for someone else, then send me an email and if the item becomes available, I will send an email informing you. First come, first serve so you must respond quickly.

Why do you keep items already sold on display?
To let you see what you missed out on. No, seriously, after an item is sold, I keep the picture posted for 10 days to give the purchaser the opportunity to check the items description and ensure that it is accurate.

What is your refund and return policy?
You have 24 hours after receipt of merchandise to notify me in the highly unlikely event you want to return an item.  There are some conditions so please refer to the RETURN POLICY for complete details.

How much for shipping and handling?
For most items, I ship US Priority Mail.  This usually takes anywhere from 3 to 5 business days.  Once you send me your location, I can send you an estimate of shipping costs. If time is of the essence, you may opt to ship Guaranteed 2 Day delivery which is extra.  So is insurance, if you opt for that.

Are you married?
Now what does that have to do with anything?!


If you are willing to pay the additional costs, I will ship to Timbuktu if necessary.  I prefer Airmail for international orders.  Email me with your locations and I can give you an estimate of the shipping costs.  I do not accept personal checks for interantional purchases, only international money orders, cashier's checks, or credit cards for purchases over $20.

So far, so good.......I haven't had a disgruntled customer yet.  Hope I do not come off like a real b*tch but in order to keep my costs down to you, this is the way it must be.  However, if you are really unhappy, then please holla at me before you tell all your friends I suck and take out a full-fledged ad in the newspaper.  I do take customer satifaction seriously and would like to develop a lasting relationship with all my customers.  I am a reasonable individual who is really cool as an icebox and believe that there is nothing that can not be worked out between two willing people.

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ordering and payment Information
I will hold any item for seven (7) days for payment to be received.  To put items on hold, just email me the item number and description. Feel free to email me for closer pictures or to get additional information about whatever you are interested in. To pay with credit or debit cards, you may pay through Paypal for all purchases over $20. Click here for more on ordering, payment, and shipping  information.
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