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ves·per  (vês´per) n. <L> 1. evening; eventide  2.  an evening prayer service, etc.  3.  the evening star, Venus


"Our costliest expenditure is time" --THEOPHRASTUS

Ordering information is found on each page. Please email me to put items on hold.  Be sure to include item number & description with your email request. I will hold items 7 days for payment to be received. I accept payments by check or money order(preferable) and credit card payments for orders over $20 through PayPal (to sign up for PayPal and receive a $5 bonus, look below).  Orders paid for with checks are held up to 10 days for clearance . Credit card payments for orders over $20.00 are processed through secure forms from PayPal or Billpoint.
1. Email me to make sure that the item(s) are still available.   Please be sure to include the item's number,  brief description & price.  It is also a big help if you include your address and let me know what form of payment you will be using. Also, ask any questions you may have about the item (s). This is the time to ask for more pictures, if desired.

2. I will get back to you as quickly as possible, usually within a few hours, with item availability, shipping cost, mailing address, insurance costs (if interested), answers to questions, etc..

3. Once steps 1 and 2 are complete, the item will be placed on hold.  You will have 7 days for your payment to be received. If there is a delay and you need more time or if you have a change of heart, please let me know; I fully understand that these things happen.  If you don't, then I will be forced to remove your name from my Holiday Greetings list.
Paypal is an online, secure payment method.  You simply click on the PayPal logo found at the bottom of each site and it will take you directly to my PayPal account.  You receive a $5 bonus credit for signing up.  Click here to sign up.

Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!
Please be sure of your purchase.  Email me with any questions prior to ordering. I do my best to give accurate descriptions of the products.   I describe what I would want to know if I were buying them myself. Let me know if you have specific questions before purchasing to keep returns to a minimum. However, if you must return an item, I must be notified within 24 hours of your receipt of the merchandise.  Item must be in the exact same condition as when it was shipped.  Click here for more information on the return policy.

For most items, I ship US Priority Mail.  This usually takes anywhere from 3 to 5 business days.  Once i leave it with the post office, the merchandise is at their mercy.  You do have the option of purchasing insurance for all your purchases.  This is for added protection.  I do pack my items carefully but I am not responsible for items that are damaged or lost in the mail.  Email me for insurance costs.  I do not guarantee a delivery date.  If time is of the essence, you may opt to ship Guaranteed 2 Day delivery.  Email me for the cost.
If you are willing to pay the additional costs, I will ship to Timbuktu if necessary.  I prefer Airmail for international orders.  Email me with your locations and I can give you an estimate of the shipping costs.  I do not accept personal checks for interantional purchases, only international money orders, cashier's checks, or credit cards for purchases over $20.

what r u waiting 4?
what r u waiting 4?
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behind every King is a Queen giving directions
 Be sure to include item number & description, your address and preferred method of payment!!!!

say your vespers............peace and blessings

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Ordering information is on each page. Please email me to put items on hold, include item number & description with your email request. I will hold items 7 days for payment to be received.
I prefer payments by check or money order. I will accept credit card payments for orders over $20.